We are now accepting INSTRUCTORS and CLASS PROPOSALS for An Tir May “Crown” Grand Ithra on May 22-23, 2021.
Instructors are encouraged from ALL THE KNOWN WORLD!!*
(*keep in mind classes will be Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), but I will try my best NOT to schedule you at some heinous hour in your time zone).

Got a burning idea for a class or classes?
Want to show others how to do that cool thing you do or just impart your oodles of knowledge on a particular subject to others?
NOW IS YOUR CHANCE… Or encourage others to just DO IT!!

We are looking for instructors for ALL types of Arts AND Sciences classes from Fibres to Fighting, Metalwork to Medicine, Administration to Alchemy, Lampwork to Linguistics, Bardic to Botany, Scribal to Storytelling… ceramics, history, culinary, brewing, armoury, chemistry, woodworking, dancing, archery, dyeing, medieval life in general, folklore, equestrian, warfare and military, clothing, weaponry, apothecary, horticulture, weaving, astronomy, mathematics…
ANYTHING that is an ART or SCIENCE is welcome!!!

All classes taught (or taken) are eligible for Ithra degree credits in An Tir and in other Kingdoms as they allow.