Who We Are

The An Tir University of Ithra (meaning “excellence” in Arabic) has been providing educational classes to the populace of An Tir since 1975.

Ithra offers opportunities for everyone to learn about life and times in the Middle Ages and Renaissance per the time period mandated by the SCA Inc. In the past (and hopeful future) we have been a source of live and in-person classes at events throughout the Kingdom, supporting our various branches want of learning opportunities, providing space, teachers and materials on a vast variety of subjects and skill levels.

Our Vision

EVERY person, regardless of income, title, ability or attendance at in-person events SHOULD have the opportunity to participate, learn, teach, share, discuss, connect and build their knowledge at whatever level they need. We aim to provide access to those opportunities in every way we are able to.

Online Classes

In our changing modern Middle Ages, borne out of necessity during our recent COVID pandemic and the temporary cessation of all in-person events in the SCA, we have expanded Ithra to include ONLINE classes through Zoom, YouTube and various other mediums, in a mixture of lecture & discussions, pre-recorded video/audio, live demonstrations and combinations thereof.

This highly accessible resource has opened up a whole new path for Ithra to continue its vision, and has been a welcome addition the lives of many people in the Kingdom, a lifeline to keep their “dream” alive, even bringing many people back in contact with the SCA after long hiatus, and particularly for those no longer able to attend regular in-person events.

Ithra’s move to online classes has also opened the opportunity to learn from teachers and meet our “cousins” outside An Tir across the Known World, something we have not been able to do before.

What Hasn’t Changed

Many things about past Ithra have remained the same;

  • There are still classes for all skill levels from newcomers to those who have been playing since the rocks were soft.
  • There are still degree tracks in various subjects, with requirements for each level and subject area listed on the Ithra website.
  • There are (or can be) classes in just about any subject you can think of. If there isn’t a class listed for a particular subject you are interested in, let us know and we will see if we can make that happen.
  • You can earn certificates and degrees at various levels and subjects as both a STUDENT and/or TEACHER.
  • Ithra will continue to work with branches to provide space and opportunities for classes as wanted/needed.
  • When we are again able, we will continue providing learning opportunities at live events.

What Is New

  • We have a brand new, shiny website with much capability beyond a simple webpage.
  • We have a brand new tracking system on the website for students to track their classes in each degree track. No more tracking your own classes. ALSO, you can enter PREVIOUS classes you’ve taken in the past into the database. The old manual database will hopefully also be entered into the system as we are able to do so.
  • Teachers too can track their classes taught and upload course materials (handouts etc) directly to the website for students to download prior to classes.
  • Students/Teachers at other regional Universities (such as The University of Tir Righ, University of Atlantia, University of Caid etc) will be able to include qualifying classes taken in other regions and Kingdoms in their degree requisite classes. (eg: A “Garb for Newcomers” taken at University of Northshield can be eligible as part of your requisites for the Novus certificate/s).
  • Students/Teachers from other regions and Kingdoms can use An Tir Ithra classes for credit in their own regions/Kingdoms as well.
  • Recorded classes posted on YouTube etc are also eligible for inclusion in your personal degree track records and can be accessed on your own time from the Kingdom’s YouTube Channel.

The University of Ithra will continue to provide learning and teaching opportunities for our Kingdom, and the other Kingdoms of the Known World, and to expand our collective knowledge for future generations.