Vocal Technique and Masterclass

Vocal Technique and Masterclass Vocal Technique and Masterclass

Just as athletes can optimize performance by understanding how their bodies work, singers, voice heralds, and other performers can benefit from understanding how their voices work. In the first half of this class, we will cover topics such as warming up, volume and projection, breath control, vibrato, and health and stamina, and you gain a better understanding of why your voice works the way it does.

The second half will be conducted in a master class format. Up to four volunteers will share a short piece of a performance with the whole group. Magistra Iselda will give them pointers on how to achieve the sound and expression that they're going for, which the rest of the observing class may be able to apply to their own performances.

If you're interested in volunteering to perform a short section of a piece for the master class portion, please contact alix.evans@gmail.com.