North African Wrapped Dress for Women

North African Wrapped Dress for Women North African Wrapped Dress for Women

The Tunisian Melia is very obviously related to thr roman tunica, the grecian chiton and even fhe ubiquitous bog dress. Oone major difference.. versions of it are still in use today among some morthafrican women. You will learn to wrap a striking garment that is cool, practical and does not need a stitch .
Supplies needed:
{1} 5 to 6 yards of approximately 60 in wide, light weight linen or cotton fabric ( if you are upwards of 5'1") [i wear a 22/24 tall and am almost 6 feet tall, for reference. ]
If you are 5'1" or shorter, 4 to 5 yards of 45 in wide will be appropriate (often only cotton comes in this width)
If its a bit longer , dont cut it off. There are ways to deal.
{2} 2 KILT PINS. These are sold as such in fabric store or on line.. if you have medium weight penandulars this is closer to the actual pins but the kilt pins work just fine.
{3}A piece of sturdy, nonstretch woven trim cotton or linen, at least 2 in wide, though 3 is better at least enogh to go around 3 x.
Once you've learned , you can make choices about how you'd like to manage your accessories.
A light under tunic of any length can be appropriate but not necessary. For demonstration purposes i often wear a camisole night gown.
Also optional a heavy, glass or stone bead necklas at least 18 in long.