Simpling and Herbwifery

simpling-and-Herbwifery Simpling and Herbwifery

They didn't have Amazon or even a corner drugstore! Where did folks get their OTC medicines? Where did they get soap? How about things that smelled good? Flea and louse remedies? We will be covering Europe in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, but the remedies of the people, not the doctors, physickers and apothecaries.

Lust &Lechery (adult content)

Lust & Lechery Lust &Lechery (adult content)

Sex taboos from a medieval, western European physician's perspective. This class will discuss lust (and associated medical conditions), chastity, adultery, and pregnancy avoidance. This class will discuss anatomy, sex, contraception, abortion, witchcraft, menstruation, and religion. It is recommended for mature audiences.